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June 29th, 2017

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considerable opposition in Parliament but notwithstand

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plenty of doctors nor in fact than all private patients are.

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packed with iodoform gauze and the other wounds were dusted with

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manly physical exercises especially in billiards and boxing.

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phrases commonly heard but of no meaning. They have

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thought over this matter the more forcibly does the idea pre

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per cent of the amount of oxygen present in the air which

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the civilian medical officers are Mr. Robert O Callaghan Sur

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day had only got the energy of those who had preceded them

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indeed although it has been included by writers in the

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The pulse never exceed and the temper.ature Since the fourth day

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dent of the Institution of Electrical Engineers delivered an

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he may want to name a chisel a screwdriver or a plane. In

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new light on the real object of the midwives registration

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dividuals. The organisers of the Congress have evidently

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a surrounding mass of indefinite protoplasm and an envelop

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The amendment with the addition moved by Mr. Parker

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The abdomeu was opened in the right iliac region and the diverticulum

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they must divide the cases into two groups the comparatively

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tion. I would reckon among them errors about heredity

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contains two clauses of medical interest. Clause proposes

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sustained a gutter fracture of the skull with resulting intracranial

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form were certainly looked upon as encysted and to some

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unknown personally to many medical men in a wide area

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make me responsible for the eonfusion which you say under

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she was unable to indicate even by initials the name of the

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