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June 29th, 2017

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our land ana flocks of sheep and goats which fatten exceed

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highest standard of modern education a great many errors

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sure of the Board. A copy of the midwlves roll for the time

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led him to the conclusion that the remedy is not contra

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Medical Magazine and in future that periodical will be pub

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noticed in every city where plague has prevailed previous

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The relative frequency on the right and left sides is as i.

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addressed to the Foreign Secretary by the Belgian Minister

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pass through the House of Commons very rapidly. The

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below the mean rate in the ten preceding years. The lowest death

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hospital he made signs that he wanted to write. Pencil

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incorporated or were proposed to be incorporated and a small

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facilitate arranpements and promote the success of the meetins. All

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and those who shared the hearty welcome extended to the

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lenting resolution against a person towards whom his pro

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within the week after the battle and these were nearly all

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Surgeon. unmarried. Salary S per annum with board residence and washing

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anatomy he proved himself a tjpical genfral practitioner.

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not a real but only an apparent increase due to better know

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produce a general dropsy reinforced by the hepatic obstruc

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of years succeeding with those preceding the introduction of

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be registered and which should not. We may gather from

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One shall at the like time be resident or practising in

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vital statistics has been lost for another ten years.

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