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June 29th, 2017

and that later they become much less dangerous. How soon
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times more than in the country. To cases of condylomata
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stated by the medical adviser to be erroneous. The medi
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snnnity of the right side of the heart in acute rheumatism.
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to dinner. By so doing they will materially facilitate arrangements and
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suture. The ulcer was situated on the middle of the anterior surface of
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science itself and those researches in pure science which lie
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small pox was known to be raging in Marseilles no pil
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Maroh sth. Rinderpest Experimental Station Kimberley
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being the site at which the omentum is adherent to the ab
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by careful dynamometric researches that the application of
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the medical societies which were represented by their
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himself being a retired Assam planter. Competitions
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Englishman who never sees such a thing the sum total of
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Royal Infirmary and the news of his being severely wounded
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its nature was. It must be different from that merely due to
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purposes to which they are sometimes put especially by young
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assisted by two oflieers about a quarter of a mile and then
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or stationary hospital. The value of tobacco is recognised
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During life the kidneys with all their anatomical relations
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association with the late Dr. Sutton and other colleagues. He
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misery that I decided to adopt surgical measures at once.
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upon the means best adapted to encourage and extend
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our knowledge of the subject and aflbrds evidence of a vast
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The district of Nowgong where that fatal type known as kala
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removed. He never had a bad sign. He was kept on slop diet
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trar General s returns for the year. The mortality figures relate to

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