Dharma Donkey Sanctuary http://dharmadonkeysanctuary.org Tue, 26 Nov 2013 06:45:06 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.0 What is A Smokeless Cigarette? http://dharmadonkeysanctuary.org/2012/06/29/what-is-a-smokeless-cigarette/ http://dharmadonkeysanctuary.org/2012/06/29/what-is-a-smokeless-cigarette/#comments Fri, 29 Jun 2012 08:50:03 +0000 http://dharmadonkeysanctuary.org/?p=44 A smokeless cigarette, also known as an electronic cigarette, is a battery-powered device that is safer, healthier and cheaper than the real alternative. They are designed to aid people in quitting smoking because they simulate the actual look and feel of a cigarette. They are safe and non-habit forming. Many cigarette smokers use the electronic cigarette to wean themselves off of the habit of smoking.
Smokeless cigarettes are the closest thing one can get to the real and unhealthy product. The feel of the sleek product is like an actual cigarette. It is smooth and long, and can be held easily between the ring finger and middle finger. The electronic cigarette simulates the round shaped tip of a real cigarette when held to the lips. Perhaps the most convincing aspect about the product is that one can inhale and exhale “smoke,” just like they do with the real thing.

A smoker trying to quit is actually blowing out harmless vapors. The smokeless cigarette turns a liquid that is glycerin-based into a vapor that looks like actual smoke when exhaled. The liquids can be purchased in many pleasant flavors, and the vapors do not smell like cigarette smoke. In fact, the vapors can be downright pleasing in smell. This will delight those who absolutely cannot stand the smell of actual cigarette smoke. The vapors that are emitted from the electronic cigarette will not offend even those who have sensitive noses that can smell actual cigarette smoke from a mile away. Plus, a smoker’s clothes will never have to carry that offensive cigarette odor again.

The liquids used for the vapors are refillable, and can be purchased online or in retail stores. The cost of a smokeless cigarette will undoubtedly be less than actual cigarettes. The electronic version does require one to purchase the vapors in addition to the device itself, but the cost of these will still be lower than multiple maps of cigarettes.

Perhaps the best advantage to using a smokeless cigarette compared to the real product is the fact that the vapors emitted are healthier for the smoker trying to quit, as well as for the environment and people around them. The product does not cause any harm to the body when its vapors are inhaled, so it is safe to use around family, pets, and the general public. Smokeless cigarettes will safely and effectively aid a smoker in the successful cessation of the use of real cigarettes. Go to new-smoke.com or Wikipedia for more information about the e cigarette.

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Sofas, couches, settees: design and functionality http://dharmadonkeysanctuary.org/2011/12/14/sofas-couches-settees-functionality-and-design/ http://dharmadonkeysanctuary.org/2011/12/14/sofas-couches-settees-functionality-and-design/#comments Wed, 14 Dec 2011 14:50:59 +0000 http://dharmadonkeysanctuary.org/?p=31 Those perfectly designed living rooms as featured in glossy magazines certainly appeal to us and tend to give us inspiration on how to decorate and furnish our own homes. Still the standards of modern design (modern furniture – wikipedia) often don´t meet our personal demands: what looks gorgeous in a magazine doesn´t necessarily have to feel and be comfortable. Comfort, functionality and design don´t have to be incompatible, though!

Limited space- great solutions

Most of us live in a limited space and of course a small city appartment or a single flat does´t come with a lot of extra space for spacious sofas and after all we might even feel a bit lost in a living room that looks like it´s been furnished for a whole family if living on our own. If you don´t need a whole sofa to yourself and if you´re on a budget, you should consider getting a multitasking sleeper chair. The idea behind these highly functional pieces is fairly easy and effective: a gorgeous, tidy armchair at daytime and a full-sized, comfortable bed at nighttime. That way you can also welcome guests in a rather small place or maybe you even consider using the sleeper chair as your regular bed. So if your space is strictly limited, this trendy and handy piece of furniture will make up for any other designer sofas!

Lounge sofas

If you live in a bit more spacious place and you consider getting something new that meets your demands regarding both design and comfort, you should certainly take a look at the wide range of lounge sofas. Taking a virtual stroll through the webshop will give you an idea of the variety of sofas, of materials anf fabrics, trends and designs. Additionally webshops frequently offer considerable discounts and present special offers you wouldn´t find in the shops near you.

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Greatest Guitarist of the modern age. http://dharmadonkeysanctuary.org/2010/12/14/greatest-guitarist-of-the-modern-age/ http://dharmadonkeysanctuary.org/2010/12/14/greatest-guitarist-of-the-modern-age/#comments Tue, 14 Dec 2010 01:15:27 +0000 http://dharmadonkeysanctuary.org/?p=26

Even our Donkeys love Jimi Hendrix
Even our Donkeys love Jimi Hendrix

When someone sets out to learn guitar they are often desiring to emulate some of the best guitarist of all time. Through the time they are learning they will develop their own style, however those idols, and influences will always reside within the players beginnings.

Jimi Hendrix has long be considered the one and only true king of the six string. With his combination of staggering skill, and showmanship Hendrix has become the idol of more than one person who wishes to learn guitar. Eddy Van Halen has long been regarded as one of the all time best guitarists. His blistering solos and hard rock attitude have inspired generations now. He is responsible for some of the most well known riffs in guitar history.
The late Stevie Ray Vaughn has influenced more than his fair share of people. His heavily blues laden riffs strike at the soul, and historically there are very few who can match his technique. If Vaughn had not died in a helicopter crash in 1990 there is no telling how many more people he would have inspired.

Chuck Berry is arguably the true father of rock guitar. He did things on the guitar that it would take generations, and tons of pedals to recreate. Despite his legal troubles Berry remains a true guitar icon. Kirk Hammett of Metallica fame helped reinvent the guitar solo. Combining pin point technical skills with blistering speed Hammett has inspired many, and stands as one of the greatest, and most idolized guitarists of all times.

Guns and Roses introduced people to a man in a top hat called Slash. Whether burning the frets on “Welcome to the Jungle” or making the guitar cry in “November Rain” Slash has inspired more than his fair share of people to learn guitar.

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San Francisco tourist information. http://dharmadonkeysanctuary.org/2010/11/19/san-francisco-tourist-information/ http://dharmadonkeysanctuary.org/2010/11/19/san-francisco-tourist-information/#comments Fri, 19 Nov 2010 04:54:39 +0000 http://dharmadonkeysanctuary.org/?p=23 The beautiful city of San Francisco offers a wealth of amazing experiences. Whether you are visiting for the first time or the tenth there is always something new to do in the city by the bay. For a first time visitor it would be wise to find a local travel guide so you can get a grasp on just how many things there are to do.

Now the 12th largest city in the United States San Francisco was originally a small town of around 1000 people. That changed after the Mexican-American War, and the beginning of the California Gold Rush. The population ballooned in a single year up to almost 25,000 as prospectors made their way out west seeking riches.

San Francisco is home to some of the most famous landmarks in the USA. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most well known and iconic of these. The bridge spent years as the longest in the world; despite having been surpassed in length the majesty of the bridge is still undeniable.

For sports fans the city is also home to Candlestick park, the football area where the legends of Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Steve Young were born. Off the coast in the San Francisco Bay is the fabled prison of Alcatraz. Since being decommissioned as a prison it has become one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city.  A good travel guide will give more information on the things that the city offers to tourists.

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