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Even our Donkeys love Jimi Hendrix
Even our Donkeys love Jimi Hendrix

When someone sets out to learn guitar they are often desiring to emulate some of the best guitarist of all time. Through the time they are learning they will develop their own style, however those idols, and influences will always reside within the players beginnings.

Jimi Hendrix has long be considered the one and only true king of the six string. With his combination of staggering skill, and showmanship Hendrix has become the idol of more than one person who wishes to learn guitar. Eddy Van Halen has long been regarded as one of the all time best guitarists. His blistering solos and hard rock attitude have inspired generations now. He is responsible for some of the most well known riffs in guitar history.
The late Stevie Ray Vaughn has influenced more than his fair share of people. His heavily blues laden riffs strike at the soul, and historically there are very few who can match his technique. If Vaughn had not died in a helicopter crash in 1990 there is no telling how many more people he would have inspired.

Chuck Berry is arguably the true father of rock guitar. He did things on the guitar that it would take generations, and tons of pedals to recreate. Despite his legal troubles Berry remains a true guitar icon. Kirk Hammett of Metallica fame helped reinvent the guitar solo. Combining pin point technical skills with blistering speed Hammett has inspired many, and stands as one of the greatest, and most idolized guitarists of all times.

Guns and Roses introduced people to a man in a top hat called Slash. Whether burning the frets on “Welcome to the Jungle” or making the guitar cry in “November Rain” Slash has inspired more than his fair share of people to learn guitar.

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