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June 29th, 2017

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taining beds in all with surgery operation room nurses room

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now be diverted from the devising of new operations for mam

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satisfied upon the point. The dietary in all the hospitals is

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removal of the corresponding testis alone at first. It seems

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March th by upwards of sixty past and present House

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General but if seconded officers be deducted the real

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Bryant and to the retiring Vice Presidents and members of

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pital where they are retained until cured at the expense

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the auxiliaries the department was standing the strain

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teid in grams per litre the proportion of serum albumen

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sort would be impossible. H re it occurs to our profane

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with your approval if I took aseptic surgery for my subject. I

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child was born naturally. Fifteen minutes later I expressed

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tinuous rains with which Capetown will shortly be visited

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Mr. Waggett and Mr. Arthur Cheatle was adjourned until the

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which it was claimed was due to the same accident. The

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Office not later than first post on Wednesday morning preceding pubHca.

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to ordinary cleanliness by scrubbing with genuicidal soap and brushing

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must be liquidated before any liabilitKS were incurred. A petition

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adductor clonus ensued alternating with an extensor clonus

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observations and thought which it embodies. The ab

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a picture even to represent an object but merely see it as

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that the area of a great battlefield could be better viewed

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not for voluntary movements. In the cjmmon forms of hemi

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same results. The two men passed as insusceptible after the

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extension if these local influenzal ear affections were not

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daily routine was almost precisely the same as that of a trans

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sary to resect a portion of the eighth or ninth rib and to

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Mr. T. Vincent Jackson showed two men recently operated

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