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June 29th, 2017

know but so far as I have seen vomiting coming on imme
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little exposure as possible. In speaking of rickets and
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the left side half an inch internal to the supraorbital notch.
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was a diminution in the excretion of uric acid and phosphates.
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convergence but no light response no other ocular defect. Knee jerk
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Sir I am glad that we are all agreed on two things the
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he had seen me attentively following his lectures and he
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tions recommended by the German French and Japanese
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diminution in the mortality from cholera in the province
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that if his presence in the House of Commons would be of any
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second imiuiry in defence of his having failed to notify
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excessive mortality in Dublin is due to the following causes
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advisability of a five years census but urged that the present
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Harrison we think has done well to republish a short paper
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reasons Professor Kocher has given it up and I hear that
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Mr. Scattergood s sound and ready judgment his strong
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ferent in purely anatomical and obstetrical respects frcm that
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from Madeira. The other two shosved signs two days later.
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otherwise than suicidal. This cannot be said of any of the
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Atwater and Bryant s Composition of American Food Materials
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one of the surgeons of the Liverpool Royal Infirmary at thi amp
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On February th the army began to retire and we were
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blown up. The distance from Chieveley to Ladysmith by
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unteer Battalion the Gordon Highlanders is promoted to be Surgeon
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crepancy may be dependent upon eitheror both of thesecircum
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The peculiarly fatal nature of haemorrhages from medium
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useful. I may mention that these results are entirely in
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Professor Sherrington stated that in thirty thyroid glands
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is sufficient without the other. Wolkow and Delitzin in par
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was wounded and recognised by the escape of urine Braun
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lower reaches of the Thames from Teddington to the Nore

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