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June 29th, 2017

sepsis which had followed operations performed in the same

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ful whether in that one case the ether could be entirely

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Fever I should say that keiosene from America a by

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cation a new edition the eighth of Dr. Macnaughton Jones s

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Raynaud s disease will kill the tips of the fingers might be

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pendently of any aneurysmal condition but in every case I

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evacuations had been comfortably attained. The President

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of braces and brace buckles and these of course must be at

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surgeons but on the whole early operation was desiraWe

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the bullet and the fact that foreign bodies such as pieces of

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of Painters in Water Colours. On the following day April

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highest peaks anywhere south of the Zambesi. On the slopes

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both in diarrhoea and dysentery have been obtained from a

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possibly there is a diminished area of hepatic dulness especi

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healthy year and that the plague scare which diminished

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found in Liverpool that fatal pneumonia coincided with in

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House Surgeon to the Lincoln County Hospital and seven

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Governor General ordered a general vaccination of the

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collected in the test tube coagulated on standing and pre

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doubt once the gonty tendency had been made manifest the

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Fifteen years ago a case of perforating ulcer of the stomach

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Moreover the stricture seems to have recurred in so large

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of the sick berth staff. The provision of a museum attendant pre

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extravasations are quickly absorbed and suppuration scarcely

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its concomitant evils in other districts which soon became

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The majority of mankind have decided for themselves that

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occurring at St. Bartholomew s Hi spital which had been ex

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before receiving relief from the Strand Guardians. The

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of water upon and below the surface in that district is im

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ciation with a request that the Executive Council take steps to remedy

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physician at this time in Hatley Street and not a single one

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