What is A Smokeless Cigarette?

June 29th, 2012

A smokeless cigarette, also known as an electronic cigarette, is a battery-powered device that is safer, healthier and cheaper than the real alternative. They are designed to aid people in quitting smoking because they simulate the actual look and feel of a cigarette. They are safe and non-habit forming. Many cigarette smokers use the electronic cigarette to wean themselves off of the habit of smoking.
Smokeless cigarettes are the closest thing one can get to the real and unhealthy product. The feel of the sleek product is like an actual cigarette. It is smooth and long, and can be held easily between the ring finger and middle finger. The electronic cigarette simulates the round shaped tip of a real cigarette when held to the lips. Perhaps the most convincing aspect about the product is that one can inhale and exhale “smoke,” just like they do with the real thing.

A smoker trying to quit is actually blowing out harmless vapors. The smokeless cigarette turns a liquid that is glycerin-based into a vapor that looks like actual smoke when exhaled. The liquids can be purchased in many pleasant flavors, and the vapors do not smell like cigarette smoke. In fact, the vapors can be downright pleasing in smell. This will delight those who absolutely cannot stand the smell of actual cigarette smoke. The vapors that are emitted from the electronic cigarette will not offend even those who have sensitive noses that can smell actual cigarette smoke from a mile away. Plus, a smoker’s clothes will never have to carry that offensive cigarette odor again.

The liquids used for the vapors are refillable, and can be purchased online or in retail stores. The cost of a smokeless cigarette will undoubtedly be less than actual cigarettes. The electronic version does require one to purchase the vapors in addition to the device itself, but the cost of these will still be lower than multiple maps of cigarettes.

Perhaps the best advantage to using a smokeless cigarette compared to the real product is the fact that the vapors emitted are healthier for the smoker trying to quit, as well as for the environment and people around them. The product does not cause any harm to the body when its vapors are inhaled, so it is safe to use around family, pets, and the general public. Smokeless cigarettes will safely and effectively aid a smoker in the successful cessation of the use of real cigarettes. Go to or Wikipedia for more information about the e cigarette.

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