History of the Darma Donkey Sanctuary
History of the Darma Donkey Sanctuary

Established in Jan-2000, D.D.S. has implemented an exceptional animal care and protection programme for last three years for the most useful but the most neglected animal- Donkey. This is a unique effort launched and carried out effectively by Mr. Ratilal and Mrs. Bonny Shah of U.S.A. The corner stone of the sanctuary was laid at the auspicious hands of the renowned environmentalist and animal lover Ms. Maneka Gandhi.

Today, on the spread of sixteen acres of land, D.D.S. has taken an active role in protecting and caring these donkeys. A temporary shelter is provided for twenty old donkeys at the site. Cultivation of fodder and other feed is done as a provision for these donkeys. Sources for enough water are already tapped and there is ample water supply made available. Plantation programme in the same land is underway. Trained personnel is available at D.D.S. for twenty four hours for caring these animals, so that old and ailing donkeys can stay comfortably in their last days of life.

Moved by the plight of ailing donkeys, The Shahs have decided to establish ” Dharma Donkey Sanctuary at Sagroli with an aim to shelter ailing donkeys awareness about Animal Care in people in general and the donkey owners in particulars. on the background of world wide awareness for animal love, caring for old donkeys of the surrounding fifty villages, the diagnostics and treatement camps is the aim of this sanctuary. At present there are twenty old and ailing donkeys which have been offered a shelter and are cared free of cost.

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